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ADO.NET Programming: Common Table Expressions (CTE)

A common table expression, or CTE, is a temporary selection or other query operation of records from one or more tables. You use it to get an idea of what the query operation would produce if performed on a table. . .


This web site is dedicated to the C# language and its programming environments.

We have lessons about C#, as the language is implemented in its standard formats.

The various lessons include file processing, exception handling, ADO, ADO.NET, XML, and ASP.NET. Except for introductory lessons, most lessons have practical learning sections that allow you to test a concept through an application.


C#Key Sections

C#, The Language

C# Language C# Fundamental Topics

These are topics and concepts that can be useful in writing effective C# code or enhancing an application.

Intro to MSVC# 2010 Express
Introduction to C# Projects | Operator Overloading
Options on Debugging

Microsoft Visual C#

Microsoft Visual C# Rapid Application Development

Microsoft Visual C# provides a programming environment for rapid application development (RAD) necessary to create GUI programs.

#Introduction to Microsoft Visual C#
Introduction to Graphical ApplicationsIntroduction to Dialog Boxes


Section Web-Based Applications

These fundamental lessons on ASP.NET introduce such topics as web controls, web languages, and C# as the language can be used on a web page.

#Introduction to ASP.NET|Introduction to Forms
#Introduction to Web Controls
Introduction to Graphical ApplicationsUsing Various Languages|#Using Style Sheets|Introduction to C#


Processing Files and Serializing

Database Development

Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server
Introduction to ADO.NET Databases
Introduction to the SQL
Transact-SQL Expressions


Microsoft Visual C# GDI+ Development
Introduction to Applications Graphics
Drawing Strings
Introduction to Bitmaps Copying a Picture Flipping a Picture
Mirroring a Picture Rotating a Picture Scaling a Picture

GDI+ Shapes

Shapes Curves Brushes
Ellipses & Circles Introduction to Curves Solid Brushes
Lines Bézier Curves Hatched Brushes
Polygons Closed Curves Texture Brushes
Rectangles & Squares Pie Linear Gradient Brushes

Exception Handling

Exception Handling

Collection-Based Classes and Generics

Introduction to Exceptions in C#
Exception Handling in MS Visual C#
Using Exceptions

Language Integrated Query (LINQ)

Introduction to the LINQ  
Sorting a List  
Using a Criterion to Select a List  
LINQ and the String Class  
Logical Conjunction and Disjunction  
LINQ Operators  
LINQ and the Enumerable Class  
LINQ and Arrays  
Grouping Records  
Joining Records  

C# Collections


Example Applications

Windows and .NET Framerowk Controls

Browse For Folder

Check Box Checked List Box
Color Dialog Box Combo Box
Context Menu Data Grid View
Data View Date Picker
Domain Up-Down Flow Layout Panel
Font Dialog Box Group Box
Image List Label
List Box List View
Link Label Masked Text Box
Menu Strip Month Calendar
Numeric Up-Down Open File Dialog
Page Setup Panel
Picture Box Print Dialog
Print Preview Progress Bar
Radio Button Rich Text Box
Save File Dialog Scroll Bar
Split Container Status Strip
Tab Controls Text Box
Tick Counter Time Picker
Timer Tool Bar
Track Bar Tree View
Table Layout Panel  

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